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HappieWatch: Urban Art on Your Wrist

Personally, I love watches. However, lately, I've noticed that the majority of watch brands are using similar minimalist designs. Minimal is so fashionable right now and there is an abundance of brands jumping on the band wagon. These watches feature a simple strap, a spherical face, dainty thin clock arms and a simplistic dial. Now, I have to say, although I adore a clean looking watch, (they pretty much go with any outfit), I have noticed that no-one is creating much noise in the watch industry, I've wondered for a while if anyone was going to fill that gap with some loud, obnoxious 'in your face' watches, then HappieWatch arrive, and BOYYY did they arrive!

Founded in 2019, HappieWatch is heavily influenced by street fashion, and collaborates with talented fashion and graphic designers, as well as graffiti and tattoo artists from across the world, to bring a whole collection of creativity, personality and premium craftsmanship. Their watches are limited editions, which will be music to any watch collectors ears, since we all love a one off piece (we want to stand out, right!)

HappieWatch pride themselves on their unique watch designs, like the owl, robot, corgi , cat, shark, and voodoo doll, including my personal favourites, the bulldog and the bull. They are certainly eye-catching one-of-a-kind watches that will create conversation, not just because of the amazing characters adorning the clock face, but the obvious quality and workmanship that goes into each piece. You could study the face for hours, and the weight and size of the pieces need to be seen in person to actually comprehend.

There is no doubt that these impactful watches won't be to everyone's taste, but that's one of HappieWatches biggest selling points, they're not made for everyone, they're not generic and simplistic, clinical and quiet. They're LOUD, they're PROUD and they're UNIQUE, so if that floats your boat, then you need to check these guys out!

Whether you prefer a metal, or material strap, these guys have the option of either, and with prices starting from $199, (about £143) these limited edition pieces won't break the bank.

HappieWatch also ensure that all products use vegan leather and they also use a range of other sustainable materials. They continually support animal shelters to help improve animal’s living conditions, which makes me back this brand even harder, I mean, how can you argue with those beautiful values.

If you want to learn more about the brand or fancy browsing some of their designs, check out:

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